FAQ English | Chalten Camp
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Arrival and Transportation:

Getting here from El Calafate or the airport is quite easy. You can opt for a private transfer for comfort and speed, or share a combi with other passengers. You also have the option of taking a regular bus or renting a vehicle for more independence.
If you arrive in Chalten via regular bus or shared combi, the final stop will be the bus terminal. The road from the village to the camp is a 3 km unpaved road, which can be done on foot or by cab. The reception could send you some contacts of cab drivers and also arrange cabs for you at least 24 hours in advance. Please note that your contribution is only the cab booking. Payment is entirely the responsibility of the guest.
Since there is generally no signal on the road, we suggest that guests let us know when they are about to leave on their trip. Also, if possible, we recommend that you arrive at the campground with daylight to facilitate access. It is advisable to keep low beams on and seat belts fastened. Make sure the spare tire is in good condition. It is not necessary to carry extra fuel, but it is vital to refuel when arriving in town, since the supply chain is usually cut off. This way you avoid surprises when you have to leave your destination. The last 3 kilometers of access to Chalten Camp are gravel, it will take about 15 minutes to travel it, you can access it without problem but with caution. The reception will provide the final indications to make this road.
Yes, we offer assistance in arranging transportation to and from El Calafate or the airport. In addition, our concierge service is available to assist guests in contacting local transportation providers. However, due to the high demand for these services, we recommend making this request at the time of booking to ensure availability and avoid last minute complications.


Relaxation areas on the property such as our hanging hammocks overlooking the Fitz Roy. Picnic areas by the Río de Las Vueltas. Self-guided trail along the river valley. Candlelight dinners with mountain views.
In El Chaltén there is a wide variety of activities possible. From the National Park trails such as Laguna de los Tres or Laguna Torre, to fishing, kayaking, rafting, climbing, etc. Keep in mind that the trails in the park are well marked and signposted, so it is possible to do them in a self-guided way. If you wish to do them in the company of a private guide, we recommend booking in advance. If you wish to do any excursion, we recommend contacting the company directly and consulting availability to decide whether to book in advance or not.

Facilities and Services:

Yes, we have Wi-Fi in the main dome. Please note that it is the only place in the camp with Wi-Fi available. Please note that our internet, as well as the internet throughout the village, can be unstable and experience outages at times. The camp experience proposes a disconnection from virtuality and connection with nature.
Yes, our meals can be adapted to various dietary restrictions, including Kosher food. Please inform us in advance of any specific requirements.

Absolutely. The tap water in Chalten is of excellent quality.

Chalten Camp is off the grid. We are supplied with electricity through solar panels, so no appliances with resistance can be used. For example, hair dryers, irons or electric kettles. However, cell phones and/or notebooks can be connected without any problem.

Climate and clothing:

Be prepared for Patagonia’s ever-changing weather. You will experience intense sunshine, occasional rain, strong winds and even surprise snowfall all in one day. Wind is a constant, especially from October to March, and nights can get as cold as 5°C (41°F). Wear warm, waterproof clothing and be prepared for sudden changes. In January and February, average temperatures range from 7 °C to 19 °C. During October, November, March and April, nighttime temperatures can drop to -5°C, although this is rare. During the rest of the months, the average nighttime temperature is 5 °C. It is important to note that our camp experience focuses on exploring nature, so guests are encouraged to get out and enjoy their surroundings. Also, on sunny days, temperatures inside the domes can rise, so it is recommended to dress appropriately even inside the facilities.

1) Personal water bottle

2) Headlamp  

3) Daypack

4) Parka and waterproof pants, thermal clothing (T-shirt, leggings), change of clothes.

5) Mountaineering boots and socks (extra socks for spare)

6) Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses.

Tips for your stay:

The ideal time to visit us is during the spring-summer months, from October to March, when you can enjoy mild temperatures between 10ºC and 20ºC. During this season, with the warm weather and the longest days of the year, all self-guided and organized activities are possible.

If you prefer to witness the stunning autumn transformation of the forest with vibrant colors, plan your visit in March or April. Keep in mind that autumn brings cooler temperatures, occasional sub-zero temperatures and intermittent rainfall, creating a unique and picturesque atmosphere in the surrounding area.

Although there are popular options such as the viewpoints Cóndores and Águilas or Chorrillo del salto, these trails are usually full of visitors. Therefore, we prefer to highlight other lesser-known alternatives with beautiful views. We recommend exploring the Paredón trail, which offers a more authentic and less crowded experience.
The stay does not include transportation, but our Front Desk staff can help you arrange vehicles for your excursions or visits to Chalten´s downtown.

Safety and Rules:

– Walk accompanied to assess the difficulty of the trail.

– Consider daylight for the total length of the hike.

– Follow permitted trails; do not take shortcuts.

– Follow National Park trail signs.

– Wear warm clothing and a waterproof jacket.

– Wear sunglasses and sunscreen.

– Keep trails and sites clean.

– Do not disturb wildlife.

– Avoid lighting fires.

– Dispose of garbage responsibly.

– Avoid taking natural souvenirs.

– Pick up any trash you find.

– Notify the Camp Reception about your trekking plans, so they can be aware of your return.

Chalten Camp has a contingency plan specially designed for first aid and contingencies in wild and remote areas. The plan is updated annually and with staff training each new season. It is approved by the fire department and provincial authorities.
In cases of extreme fire risk alerts in the area, it is necessary to take preventive measures. The protocol consists of minimizing the use of wood-burning stoves, without affecting the guests’ experience.

Contact and Communication:

You can contact the Reservations area via:
Email: reservations@chaltencamp.com
Phone: +5411 5263 0389 opt 100
WhatsApp: +54 9 11 2248 2707 (text messages only).


You can contact the Reception via:
Email: reception@chaltencamp.com
Phone: +5411 5263 0389 opt 200
WhatsApp: +54 9 2966 75-6327 (text messages only).