The world has been shaped by the dreams of the pioneers. Many of them were considered crazy because their plans were impossible, there was no way to make "those things" come true. Chalten Camp took that heritage and rose in the most unthinkable place in El Chaltén.

Our Camp offers a unique glamping experience that combines stunning views of Fitz Roy with minimal environmental impact. Blended with the native forest, each dome provides shelter and comfort with panoramic "windows" to the mountain range.

We have a strong commitment to sustainability and this fact also demands extra effort from our guests (such as avoiding hair dryers).  Responsible and intelligent use of energy and water has challenged us in various aspects of service and the whole experience, but this, far from being a problem, has been a great opportunity to build something unique and special.



Aiming to find a balance between comfort and low environmental impact, the domes are built on stilts within the native forest. Each unit is 27 square meters, housing a bedroom and a private bathroom. They are equipped with a wood-burning salamander, 220-volt electricity, queen-size beds, generous blankets and cozy décor.  These geodesic structures are the starting point for a simple but memorable stay.

We offer a secluded wilderness experience, offering only 8 units: six doubles and two triples. All of our domes enjoy panoramic "windows" onto Fitz Roy.


Like the simple houses of "Old Patagonia", the dining dome is the heart of the camp, providing shelter and the ideal space to relax, the eighty square meters house the dining area and a panoramic living room with views of Fitz Roy.

Three antique tables with six place settings each, give room to enjoy dinner by candlelight, either in the company of your loved ones or sharing stories and anecdotes with other travellers.

We offer a pre-set three-step menu that changes daily and includes an option for those with dietary restrictions or allergies.   Each menu has been carefully designed based on available ingredients and culinary techniques that can be applied in our context of energy efficiency and responsibility.

The lunch proposal is a hearty and delicious meal, so lunch service is not offered.  This is due to the fact that the check in hours are from 15:00 to 19:00  and that the proposal of the destination is to hike during the day

We encourage guests to disconnect from routine and connect with nature.  For this reason and looking for balance, the main dome is the only place in the camp where you will find wifi connection.   Keep in mind that Chalten is a remote area with very poor communications coverage, and we depend on this system to provide connectivity to our guests.


Sleeping in a dome under the stars is an experience in itself, providing a unique opportunity to feel and discover the true spirit of Patagonia. However, there is a wide range of excursions around the camp and El Chaltén and we want our guests to make the most of their time.
Therefore, during the check in process, our host will do a concierge service, inquiring about interests and expectations, matching that information with the weather forecast, length of stay and availability of excursion providers.

Around the camp

The following spaces were designed to make the most of the camp's location, being a very good alternative for the time available on check-in or check-out days

The hammocks: In front of the magnetic Fitz Roy there are two places with a small table and two hammocks. This place is ideal to enjoy a look, a drink or just enjoy the weather.

The chairs by the river: No matter if you want to have a picnic, take a dip or admire the stars, this is the perfect spot.  With two sets of four chairs and a table, the "Rio de las Vueltas" riverside is a great plan for any type of traveler.

The picnic table: Enjoying a box lunch near the domes can be a good alternative after demanding days of hiking, staying "at home" deciding what to do at your own pace.

Hiking to "La Florida": Starting from the access gate to the farm, you can walk along the river of the turns, through forests of lenga and nires. This gentle hike is a self-guided alternative that can take up to four hours.  This depends entirely on the enjoyment of each person.


Hiking in the National Park: El Chaltén is a paradise for climbers and hikers, as it offers a wide range of self-guided trails that can be done in half a day or a full day. Access to them is really easy, starting in town.

Climbing classes: There are few places in South America where you can feel, see and breathe rock climbing. Immerse yourself in this intrepid world and take private lessons, learning the basic skills that will allow you to enjoy this mountain adventure.

Full day kayaking: Explore lakes and rivers, getting a full sense of nature, which definitely enriches your visit to the , this excursion is for people with good physical condition but not necessarily with kayaking experience.

Salmon fishing: Go in search of huge king salmon in a breathtaking scenery, choosing the fishing technique that best suits your tastes and expectations

Bird watching: The richness and diversity of the surrounding landscapes make it a fantastic place for bird lovers. Los Glaciares National Park has 10% of the species found in Argentina.

Madsen House-Museum: Enjoy a gentle stroll along the magnificent granite wall that leads  to the camp, and discover all about Andreas Madsen, pioneer of El Chaltén.

Mountain biking: Enjoy and explore the curvy trails of route number 41 that runs alongside the river towards the Lago del desierto.  Duration and level of difficulty can be adjusted according to the group.


Countryside location: You will never be surrounded by crowds, enjoying natural open spaces.

Small volume: We can accommodate up to 18 guests in eight  independent domes.

Few common spaces: Enjoying this Glamping experience involves no common space other than the generous Dining Dome.

On-site staff: Our staff lives within the property, this helps minimize their social interaction, reducing any possible vector of contagion.

Security Protocols: Our staff will provide a high quality service, taking all security measures and industry best practices.

Private and secure transportation from the airport: Upon request and at an additional cost, we can arrange private transportation to minimize exposure to unsafe social situations.

Special cancellation policy: We have a flexible cancellation policy in case of a new pandemic or global catastrophe.


Patagonia remains a remote area at the end of the world. Commonly visited along with El Calafate and Torres del Paine, El Chaltén is located in the heart of Los Glaciares National Park, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and world-class trails. The nearest airport is 200 km away in El Calafate, which can be reached in three hours of gentle driving.

Camping Chalten is on the outskirts of town, nestled in the native forest, between the Rio de las vueltas and a huge granite wall, beyond the crowds and the lights.

We can gladly help to organize a private transfer, or giving specific directions if you want to drive your own vehicle.


Once you arrive in the town of El Chalten, drive oen block down San Martin Avenue, until you reach Trevisan Street and turn right. Continue two blocks ahead, cross the bridge and turn left, you will finally arrive at the campsite after almost two miles.  You will find the first sign 1000 meters from the bridge.  


The gravel road can be done with a compact car if you drive carefully.  Please note that this private road is not recognized by google maps and if you use the app it will take you to the other side of the river.  We will be happy to send you a link to the adapted map with the correct directions once you confirm the booking.